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The following Brochures and Documents are available for on line viewing or download.

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Industrial effluent treatment and process water treatment

Panel board, pulp & paper application: wood pulp effluent treatment and recovery plant

Panel board, pulp & paper application: paper & packaging effluent treatment and recovery plant

Metal processing applications: acid recovery systems

Metal processing applications: misc. applications (heavy metal recovery; Cr zero discharge)

Metal processing case study: reclamation of copper sulphate, San Diego (USA)

Metal processing case study: reclamation of acid rinse waters Phelps Dodge rod mill (USA)

Metal processing case study: heavy metals removal Asarco Globe Plant (USA)

Metal processing case study: shipyard effluent treatment and recovery plant

Food & beverage application: product concentration & recovery

Food & beverage application: bottle washing recovery plant

Textile & laundry application: chemical & water recovery

Chemical recovery application: acetic acid recovery from aqueous effluent

Oily water treatment

Petrochemical application: Oil recovery

Petrochemical application: Produced water treatment

Technology information sheets

ESMIL technology: advantages of physicochemical and membrane treatment technologies

Process water applications: Membrane Technology, RO, UF

Standard reverse osmosis plant

Articles featuring ESMIL treatment solutions

Achieving zero output (Process Water Treatment)

Membrane Technology makes ôzero discharge?a reality for MDF plant (Industrial environmental Management)

An economic miracle (Timber and the environment)

Membrane Technology turns effluent into cost savings (Environmental technology best practice)

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