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Effluent Treatment

Here at Esmil Process Systems Ltd. we are specialists in Effluent Treatment. Our team of experts design and install Effluent Treatment systems worldwide.

Often Effluent Treatment systems are related to product recovery, which can be of particular value for some applications. Esmil has designed and installed Effluent Treatment systems for a broad range of industries to improve effluent quality.

Sectors We Operate In

Our Effluent Treatment systems have been used within the following industrial sectors:

  • Metals (including arsenic) effluent treatment and metal recovery
  • MDF processing effluent (featuring ESMIL "zero discharge" design)
  • Paper and packaging effluent treatment (organics and hardness) and recovery.
  • Laundry effluent (detergent and salts recovery)
  • Textile applications (dye and PVA recovery)
  • Wool scour applications (solids and fats removal, detergent recovery)
  • Shipyard effluent (99.9% organotin removal, 95% recycling of process water)

Conventional treatment of industrial effluents, depending upon the specific requirements, can include flocculation, flotation, aeration and standard clarification technologies. Esmil have experience in designing and installing all of these technologies, into a diverse range of industries.

Our design philosophy normally adopts an approach taking industrial effluent through physico-chemical conventional treatment stages followed by supplemental membrane treatment where this is required, for instance due to regulatory requirements.

Why choose us to help you with Effluent Treatment?

  • Over 25 years experience in the design and installation of Effluent Treatment systems.
  • Wide client base across the UK, USA and Middle East.
  • Unique design philosophy combining conventional treatment stages supplemented by membrane treatments.
  • Effluent Treatment specialists.

Contact us regarding Effluent Treatment

For more information regarding our Effluent Treatment contact our specialists today. Call us direct on 01494 526 155 or fill out our online enquiry form and we'll get back to you.

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Industrial Effluent Treatment

Industrial Effluent Treatment Systems

Industrial Effluent Treatment Systems

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