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Food & Beverage Wastewater Treatment

Here at Esmil we provide Food & Beverage Wastewater Treatment systems across a range of industrial sectors.

We have expertise in assessing the requirements for your particular Food & Beverage application, designing an appropriate solution to ensure necessary environmental and process treatment requirements will be achieved, and can construct and commission the designed plant.

By using proven technology from a range of partner manufacturers, we can offer a tailored Food & Beverage Wastewater Treatment system to suit your specific requirements.

Examples of our Food & Beverage Wastewater Treatments

Client/Contractor Country Application Scope of Supply
Coca Cola Schweppes

Taylor Woodrow
UK Soft Drinks Waste Mechanical and electrical supply and installation of Biothane anaerobic plant for 6.4 tons per day COD.
Loders & Nucoline Ltd London UK Food Industry 2 x 95 m3/hr dealkalisation, degasser and base exchange softener for boiler feed.
Loders & Nucoline Ltd London UK Food Industry

For more information regarding our previous clients and projects see our References page.

Why choose us for Food & Beverage Wastewater Treatments?

  • We will use the most appropriate solution to suit your treatment requirements.
  • Expertise in assessing the requirements for your particular wastewater application and designing an appropriate solution
  • Our general approach to wastewater purification will combine conventional physico-chemical treatment processes with advanced proven membrane technology.
  • Over 25 years experience in designing Food & Beverage Wastewater Treatment systems.

Benefit Summary

Competitive Edge of Esmil Plant versus Biological Plant
Esmil Advantage Justification
Low Capital Cost Fewer process stages.
Minimal civil engineering requirement.
Minimal earth working requirement.
Rapid Investment Pay back Reduced effluent disposal costs.
Reduced towns water / natural water take requirement.
Reduced man-power requirement.
No generation of by product such as waste sludge.
Product/Resource Recovery Effluent Reduction, Recycle & Re-use Non destructive treatment process.
Excellent final effluent quality.
Process water recovery for general re-use.
RO concentrate recovery for reuse as chemical make up water.
Solids recovery for on site incineration.
Confidence of Environmental Compliance Robust treatment process that is not affected by toxins, overloading or adverse temperature.
Fixed physical barrier thereby guaranteeing compliance.
No emission of odours or green house gasses.
State of the Art Technology.
Modular System Discrete process units facilitating incremental upgrading

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