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Esmil Process Systems Ltd. specialises in the design and installation of Oily Water Treatment Equipment.

Our teams have installed Oily Water Treatment Equipment worldwide for the past 25 years. Workings across the oil and gas industry over 50 installations have been installed in the U.K, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Russia including:

  • Kuwait National Petroleum Company, Kuwait (oil refinery, 220m?hr oil separation)
  • Petrofac Ltd., Siberia (240 m?/day produced water)
  • Shell Oil, U.K. (oil refinery, 420 m?/h oil separation).

Uses of our Oily Water Treatment Equipment

Solids and oil separation technologies have been used across a range of applications, at installations both onshore and offshore. Including:

  • Produced water - recovered during the separation of crude oil.
  • Desalter water - generated during crude oil washing.
  • Ballast water - for incoming sea tankers.
  • Terminal and refinery process drainage - oil spills / general waste

Oily water may contain free separable oil, emulsified oil and soluble oil. Our systems use separation technologies that are simple to maintain and operate and have few moving parts for optimal reliability.

The general treatment solution adopted by Esmil uses conventional separation processes for the removal of bulk contaminants, with subsequent state-of-the-art membrane technology and adsorption processes to polish effluent to very high standards where required.

Free oil removal can be achieved using corrugated plate interceptors (CPI's). CPI gravity separators typically perform at >75% efficiency, with concurrent removal of gross solids. For higher removal efficiency, dissolved air flotation systems can supplement CPI treatment to achieve >95% free oil removal. For some applications, bulk oil and suspended solids are removed using alternative technologies including hydrocyclones and sand filtration.

For optimal separation, membrane technology can be used to recover (free and emulsified) oil and eliminate solids to concentrations below detection limits.

Here at Esmil we employ highly oleophobic membranes to achieve ultrafiltration. These membranes are highly resistant to fouling by free oil and reduce contamination to 3 mg/l, prior to granular activated carbon to further polish the permeate. Separated free oils can be recovered on site readily, including that removed by ultrafiltration. The resultant cake can be sent to landfill, whilst filtrate can be recycled through the process, discharged or reused on site.

Why choose us for your Oily Water Treatment system

  • Over 25 years experience in the design and installation of Oily Water Treatment Equipment.
  • Wide client base across the UK, USA and Middle East.
  • Unique design philosophy combining conventional treatment stages supplemented by membrane treatments.
  • Oily Water Treatment specialists.

Benefit Summary

Proven Membrane Applications
Industry Application
Metal processing
Metal preparation
Metal finishing
Recovery and reuse of Sulphuric Acid
Reclamation of metal salts
Treatment and recycle of rinse water
Panel Board Industry
Pulp & Paper Industry
Product (fibre) recovery from effluent
Effluent treatment - reduction of suspended and soluble organics
Treated effluent reduction, recycle and re-use
Textile Dye Manufacturing
Industrial Laundries
Product (dye) concentration, purification and recovery
Oily waste water treatment
Treated effluent reduction, recycle and re-use
Food & Beverage Processing Product concentration, purification and recovery
Recovery and re-use of contaminated condensate
Treatment and recycle of bottle washing effluent
Pharmaceutical Industry
Product recovery by separation and fractionation
Effluent treatment - reduction of suspended and soluble organics
Treated effluent reduction, recycle and re-use

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Oily Water Treatment Equipment

Oily Water Treatment Equipment

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