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Process Water Treatment Specialists

Esmil Process Systems Ltd. specialises in the design and installation of Process Water Treatment systems.

The designs of our Process Water Treatment solutions result in high degrees of water and product recovery as part of a membrane filtration stage. Reuse and recycling of water, with concomitant product recovery, now forms a key part of environmental performance requirements for many industries, being assessed for best available technology (BAT) under European IPPC regulation.

The regulatory emphasis is on reduced water take (notably for high use sectors such as food and drink) and reduced waste disposal (either to sewer, discharge to the environment, or solids disposal by landfill or incineration).

Here at Esmil we are specialists in Process Water Treatments.

Sectors We Operate In

We have successfully installed Process Water Treatment plants in the following markets:

  • Pharmaceutical & Microelectronics
  • Food & Beverage process water
  • Potable water from Seawater Desalination
  • Boiler feed & Cooling water

Our Process Water Treatment Applications

For certain applications, membrane treatment using ultrafiltration (or even coarser microfiltration) may suffice to allow adequate recovery of products and process water. In the food and pharmaceutical sectors UF treatment systems typically utilise low pressure membrane cartridges (incorporating tubular, hollow fibre or spiral wound Membrane Technologies) to achieve this.

For other applications, separation of dissolved solids by nanofiltration or reverse osmosis is required. These systems, used by ESMIL across a broad range of applications, typically operate at higher pressures than UF systems, but can result in excellent levels of product recovery and high percentages of water reuse. Typically 95-98% of salts are rejected by RO, together with the complete removal of bacteria and viruses. Whilst ESMIL can design bespoke systems, we can also use a range of standard "skid mounted" RO systems that are fully PLC controlled for reliable unattended operation. Treatment capacities range from 50 to 1200 m?day, although the modular systems can be linked to treat higher volumes if necessary. These units are shop tested and can be quickly and easily installed ("plug-in-and-play").

Why choose us as your Process Water Treatment system

  • Over 25 years experience in the design and installation of Process Water Treatments systems.
  • Wide client base across the UK, USA and Middle East.
  • Unique design philosophy combining conventional treatment stages supplemented by membrane treatments.
  • Process Water Treatment specialists.

Contact us for our Process Water Treatment systems

For more information regarding our Process Water Treatment systems contact our specialists today. Call us direct on 01494 526 155 or fill out our online enquiry form and we'll get back to you.

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Process Water Treatment Systems

Process Water Treatment Systems

Fill out our online enquiry form or call us on 01494 526 155.

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