Esmil Process Systems is committed to ensuring that plants and process’s supplied for treatment of water and wastewater are ecologically and environmentally friendly as far as is practical. 

The treatment of wastewater reduces the volume of waste that is released into the ecosystem. The process’s designed and supplied by Esmil ensure that when wastewater is treated, the quantity of contaminants that are released into the environment are cut down significantly resulting into overall improvement in the environment’s status. By minimising environmental pollution, Esmil water treatment systems help reduce health hazards that emanate from a polluted environment. 

The use oEsmil treatment plants ensure there is reduction of water wastage that is induced by water pollutionThe treatment of wastewater has a financial benefit in that it reduces the amount of money that is used by a country needed to rehabilitate a polluted environment. 

By utilising primary mechanical treatment technologies Esmil Process Systems ensures that chemical usage in the process is minimised and thus kinder to the environment. Additional chemicals are only used where absolutely necessary to ensure efficient and effective treatment of the wastewater. 

Using ‘state of the art’ materials, equipment and control systems ensures that energy consumption are cost effective and efficient and thus helps reduce the environmental impact from power generation.

As far as practical the Esmil Process Systems process reduces waste that is discharged to the environment. Any waste that is generated from the wastewater treatment will meet the most stringent regulations of the local environment agencies. Generally, the waste generated can normally be ustilised within other process streams within the originating process that generated the wastewater in the first place. For some industries the biomass solids generated during the wastewater treatment can be used as fertilisers. The resultant treated water is clean enough to be used as boiler feed and can even be further purified by additional treatment to provide water suitable for various industrial processes.

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