Design & Engineering

Process Feasibility Studies

Esmil have developed industry specific R&D programmes and facilities to confirm designed treatment systems and technologies are cost effective for each waste stream. Pilot plant trials are undertaken on the effluent/wastewater to ensure the designed treatment technology is effective and reliable.

Proven technologies are used to design optimal treatment effectiveness and reliability. In developing solutions to reduce the cost of effluent disposal and ensure environmental compliance, Esmil have established unique associations with experts in the industry, including the world’s largest supplier of speciality membranes.

Esmil continually look to utilise new technologies in systems development.

By example, Esmil’s association with New Logic International (USA) using patented vibratory shear enhanced processing (VSEP) provides fouling-resistant membrane systems for high solids (TSS) in the waste water feed.

Detailed Design & Engineering

Esmil’s team of design engineers are qualified and highly experienced in all aspects of the detailed design and engineering of water and waste water treatment systems. Esmil’s design engineers are experienced in all fields of primary, secondary and tertiary waste water treatment systems, including ion exchange and membrane separation technologies. Esmil’s extensive experience and project reference database provides clients with confidence in knowing that the right technology and chemistry is applied to their individual project.

The design team stay up to date with the latest innovations in the membrane, ion exchange and other treatment technologies via supplier training sessions, seminars and meeting with the industry experts.

Project & Procurement Team

Esmil work in the most demanding industry sectors globally and believe in building close relationships with clients to ensure hassle free project delivery. Esmil’s project team has an enviable track record of delivering projects on time and within budget.

Esmil designs the system, and issues all equipment and components to selected, experienced sub-contractors. The procurement department plays a vital role in ensuring the right equipment and components are delivered on time to the sub-contractors and the customers. The procurement department is well equipped to support the after-sales service department, even for projects older than 40 years.

Installation & Commissioning

A shiny new plant is no good if it does not work!

Esmil’s commissioning engineers have many years experience in commissioning process and waste water treatment systems to deliver optimal performance and years of trouble-free operation.

Esmil undertake turnkey projects including design, supply, installation & commissioning. Esmil can also supply experienced supervision services. The team is qualified and up to date with HS&S rules and regulations for work at project sites in the UK and worldwide.

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