Esmil Process Systems founded in 1975 has over 40 years’ experience in the field of industrial effluent treatment achieving recognition for process/systems solutions including the prestigious “Queens Award for Environmental Achievement” and[...]


ESMIL Process Systems were briefed to design an acetic acid recovery and concentration plant for a client’s new Petrochemical Plant in Europe in 2021. The new Acetic Acid Recovery plant (AARP) design[...]

Virtual tour – AD digestate & treatment

Please find our sequential video clips of the AD digestate treatment program Esmil Process Systems have designed & installed to mitigate the problem of trucking & spreading AD digestate. The plant in question treats[...]

Case History: Recovery of Cannery Wash Water

Introduction Esmil Process Systems were tasked with providing a process solution to recover cannery wash water for a local can forming plant. Determinands of primary concern to the client was the maximal[...]

Case History: AD Plant Waste Management Economics

Introduction This note is to summarize the major economic drivers impacting the Capex decision for installation of an AD Digestate solid/liquid separation system. There are a number of assumptions which are required[...]

ESMIL Laboratory

ESMIL Laboratory: Where Innovation Meets Excellence Welcome to the “ESMIL Laboratory” page, where we provide insight into the heart of ESMIL Process Systems’ innovation and excellence. Our laboratory is the driving force[...]

Service and Support

ESMIL Service and Support: Your Partner in Operational Excellence Welcome to “ESMIL Service and Support”, where we extend our commitment to excellence beyond the delivery of our systems. We understand the importance[...]

Process and Membrane Skid design

Process Feasibility Studies Esmil have developed industry specific R&D programmes and facilities to confirm designed treatment systems and technologies are cost effective for each waste stream. Pilot plant trials are undertaken on[...]

Esmil Pilot Park

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Esmil Group stands as a premier global manufacturer, crafting cutting-edge equipment for wastewater treatment and sludge dewatering. Additionally, we specialize in delivering advanced membrane systems tailored to various industries.

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