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Please find our sequential video clips of the AD digestate treatment program Esmil Process Systems have designed & installed to mitigate the problem of trucking & spreading AD digestate. The plant in question treats up to 10 m3/h digestate through a screw press initially to remove suspended solids from the digestate stream as a compost material (up to 32 % DS) (video 1). The filtrate from the screw press is treated further using a vibrating screen to remove residual suspended solids (videos 2 & 3). The filtrate is then fed to the VSEP (Vibratory Shear Enhanced Process membrane system) video 4 – overall system which separates the bulk of dissolved species from the feed ( process data video 5, VSEP feed quality video 6) to produce a clear permeate which can be discharged to water course and/or recycled back to the plant as dilution (videos 7 & 8). The remaining concentrate is rich in plant-available Nitrogen moieities which make this an ideal liquid fertiliser (video 9).

The entire plant is containerised.

Download the video clips here >> (Download arrow top right corner).

We hope you find this virtual tour of interest.

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