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We are delighted to announce that the VSEP-based membrane solution for AD digestate treatment has been tested successfully at our partners’ New Logic facility in Nevada, USA and getting boxed up for dispatch to our customer site in the UK.

The main features of the patented VSEP-based solutions, which make them versatile and widely used across various waste treatment and product recovery processes:

  • enhances filtration rates in crucial applications where high solids in the feed are encountered.
  • utilizes intense resonating shear waves at the membrane surface to minimise fouling by the challenging feed
  • separates dissolved and undissolved solids at the same time
  • nullifies the need for conventional and expensive pre-treatment.

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Specifically designed for applications for viscous and high solid content feed treatment, VSEP membrane technology ensures effective treatment with >70% hydraulic recovery rate for digestates in a single pass. Its high throughput rates offer a cost-effective alternative solution compared to much larger systems utilising conventional mechanical pre-treatment equipment and multi-pass crossflow membrane systems, and its compact footprint allows installation in space-constrained environments.

The project aims at the high rejection rate of feed species using a double pass membrane system i.e. VSEP followed by Polishing Spiral RO to achieve high-quality treated water.

Average rejection rate:

  • COD – 95%,
  • Ammonia – 85%
  • Phosphate – 99.9%
  • Solids – >99.9%.

Stay tuned for more updates on this cutting-edge advancement in AD digestate treatment by Esmil Process System!

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