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MDF Effluent Treatment System

Esmil Process Systems Ltd. specialises in the design and installation of MDF Effluent Treatment Systems. We have over 25 years experience providing MDF Treatment Systems across the UK and Europe.

Our Expertise

With notable success in MDF wood pulp (medium density fibreboard) effluent treatment and also paper & packaging effluent treatment, clients have benefited from our approach with operational "Zero discharge" plants. In recognition of this innovative approach of its state-of-the-art treatment and recovery plants, ESMIL was awarded the Queens Award for Environmental Achievement (1999).

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How our MDF Effluent Treatment Systems work

For wood pulp effluent treatment, conventional effluent treatment utilising a new efficient flocculation electrolyte is passed through a filter press to yield treated effluent (which passes on for further treatment) and filter cake (dry solids >50%) which is used as feed for the waste heat boiler.

MDF Effluent Treatment System

MDF Effluent Treatment System

The effluent is passed through sand and carbon filters before treatment using membranes. The rejected material (the concentrate) can be stored to be recycled as chemical makeup water, where residual soluble organics (lignins, celluloses and naturally occurring resins) act to improve the quality of the processed product. The permeate is passed through a carbon filter for final polishing. The permeate is then fit for use as general site process water or boiler feed water, with 99.5% COD removal achieved.

Benefits of our MDF Effluent Treatment Systems

  • All solid and liquid phases from our MDF Effluent Treatment Systems are recoverable.
  • ESMIL MDF Effluent Treatment Systems are mechanical (non-biological) with just a few process stages, thus benefiting from relatively low capital costs.
  • Financial returns are further improved by reducing waste volumes and the associated disposal costs and by savings accrued from the recycling of wood pulp feed and water reuse.
  • The MDF Effluent Treatment System is highly automated, with a relatively short operator training time, also reducing operating costs.
  • ESMIL have installed this technology at many sites across the UK and Europe.

Benefit Summary

Competitive Edge of Esmil Plant versus Biological Plant
Esmil Advantage Justification
Low Capital Cost Fewer process stages
Minimal civil engineering requirement
Minimal earth working requirement
Rapid Investment Pay back Reduced effluent disposal costs
Reduced towns water / natural water take requirement
Reduced manpower requirement
No generation of by-product such as waste sludge
Product/Resource Recovery Effluent Reduction, Recycle & Re-use Non destructive treatment process
Excellent final effluent quality
Process water recovery for general re-use
RO concentrate recovery for reuse as chemical make up water
Solids recovery for on site incineration
Confidence of Environmental Compliance Robust treatment process that is not affected by toxins, overloading or adverse temperature
Fixed physical barrier thereby guaranteeing compliance
No emission of odours or green house gasses
State of the Art Technology
Modular System Discrete process units for incremental upgrading

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Zero Discharge - Solid & Liquid Recoveries From Esmil Process Systems

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