Product Recovery and Concentration

The three R’s of sustainable manufacture (Reduce, Re-cycle and Recover) inform Esmil’s design focus to enable our clients to maximise valuable resource utilisation. The pursuit of Net Carbon Zero and climate change initiatives drives the need for increased resource efficiency, lower wastage rates and overall cost reduction.

Esmil Process Systems design and engineer product recovery and concentration equipment for numerous process applications including acetic acid recovery, sodium hydroxide recovery and purification, dairy protein and sugar isolation and concentration, and sodium lignosulfonate concentration. Esmil’s expertise lies in the design and application of membrane systems to meet these specific customer needs. Esmil has broad experience in the application of specialised pre-treatment programs, non-standard membrane systems (ED, diafiltration and pervaporation) and overall project management.

Our designs can be replicated at Esmil’s in-house facility in High Wycombe or on-site using pilot plant scale equipment.

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Technologies and Equipment for Wastewater Treatment

Esmil Group is a leading global manufacturer of equipment for wastewater treatment and a provider of advanced water treatment and “Zero Waste” solutions for various industries.

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