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In June 2020, we received a request in the United Kingdom for the development of a technology for a treatment of the wastewater stream generated from the poppy seeds washing process. The problems encountered at site are scarcity of supply water and disposal of wash water. Due to the presence of biologically active substances (morphine) in the wastewater of the Customer’s factory led to the complexity of its disposal, and taking into account the growing demands of the regulating authorities, the problem had to be solved as quickly as possible.

Thus, our technologists started to develop the required solution for the 1,5 m3/h flowrate and presented it to the Customer for consideration. The proposed solution based on special ultrafiltration (UF) and Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane process which made it possible not only to remove contaminants from the waste stream, but also to reuse the treated water (RO permeate) as a clean make up water with, which is consumed in large volume in the seeds washing process. It was decided to validate the process by conducting lab scale feasibility pilot study, which was carried out in July at Esmil’s inhouse Lab at High Wycombe. The Customer reviewed the pilot study results and the effectiveness of the process, showing the recovery rate of 80-85 % of the initial flow. Satisfied with overall outcome of the pilot study, in October 2020 a contract was signed with us for the supply of the proposed Esmil solution and corresponding equipment.

While there is no reference of the proposed process for the similar application in the industry and Esmil although believe the process is suitable and well supported by the initial pilot study results, Esmil decided to revalidate the results by conducting further pilot study using more representative sample on the larger scale. Esmil constructed the pilot skid for UF system and three types of membrane to be used to select the one most appropriate.

At the moment, the pilot machine is already built and the testing is in progress. After analysing the results, together with a membranes manufacturer, we will select the optimal model and adjust the scope of supply of the industrial system accordingly. All works of this project are planned to avoid even the slightest delays in the implementation and to launch the membrane separation facility in the shortest possible time.

The supply of equipment, installation and the start-up of the system is planned to begin in February 2021. In view of the preliminary comprehensive laboratory studies of the process, the commissioning work is not expected take a long time, and in March, we hope to share with you the news of the successful completion of the project. We are hopeful that Esmil treatment facilities will allow the Customer to significantly increase the economic efficiency of the production process and reduce adverse impact on the environment.

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