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Esmil did the pilot testing on the anaerobic digestate from the poultry farm site. The aim is to reduce COD and Ammonia as much as possible so that the final treated water is reused in the process. The Digestate is highly contaminated with values – COD around 20,000 mg/l, Ammonia – 4500 mg/l and Suspended solids – approx. 15, 000 mg/l. The treated water is crystal clear with both – COD and Ammonia below 200 mg/l.

The treatment process involves double pass approach using first stage vibrating membranes – VSEP to remove majority of the contaminants and second stage using RO membranes for further reduction in concentration to achieve the desired limits. The next step in this project is to conduct the site trial using industrial membranes for long term using the real time feed. Esmil carries very good knowhow regarding Anaerobic Digestate treatment presently executing a job for the digestate waste from the distillery site in Scotland.

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